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Company History

Haloblaze was founded in 2010 by Jay Kos. With over 20 experience supplying wire processing equipment we saw a requirement to develop a range of heat shrink processing equipment designed for the 21st Century. Traditionally our customers used heat guns to shrink tubing. This method not only consumes a large amount of energy but can be unsafe to operators, has no quality control and does not shrink a complete 360 degrees without the operator turning the cable.



From the outset our Mission was to develop an all-round system that addressed these issues and more. After many years in development we first launched the (Patent Pending) Eco-Shrink 150 and HDTR (Higher Temperature heavier duty model) shortly afterwards. Both products have continually developed into the latest D4 models which now include HMI touch screen interface.



Our Ultimate goal is to continually develop our range of heat shrink processing equipment. We are constantly developing our range and recently invested in a Solidworks 3D Cadcam suite to enable quick, efficient design of new and existing products. Look out for new products coming for 2016!



Sales of the Eco-Shrink range have grown rapidly not only in the UK but throughout the World. Our network of international distributors and re-sellers are opening our products up to new and existing markets, allowing us to find not only new avenues of sale but to test our products against the most rugged of applications.

Client Testimonials

Mark Grogan - Rosenberger Micro-Coax Ltd

read more..." class="widefat" >As a company who produces high quality cable assemblies we need the right equipment to help us achieve - read more...

Mark Grogan - Rosenberger Micro-Coax Ltd