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New Wire & Shrink Tube Cutting machine from Haloblaze Shrink-Cut 100

New Wire & Shrink Tube Cutting machine from Haloblaze Shrink-Cut 100

The New Wire & Shrink tube cutting machine Shrink-Cut 100.

The latest wire & shrink tube cutting machine from Haloblaze offers outstanding price to quality ratio and will cut most materials up to 100mm in width. The machine is also capable of cutting wire and cable upto 3 core -.75 sqmm mains.

Increased safety and material handling with in house specially designed guarding and out feed shute.

Extremely reliable and accurate wire and shrink tube cutting machine with added digital length tolerance adjustment.


Wire Heat shrink tube cut to length machine.

The Haloblaze Shrink Cut 100 wire heat Shrink tube cut to length machine offers a precise digital control of cut to length and quantity.  Auto detection/auto stop and alarm system for malfunction. Perfect solution for cutting heat shrink tube and wire up to 100mm in length.
A test mode allows for test feeding and cutting.
Four inbuilt memories which reduce the need to type values of wires at every replacement.
A power supply detection circuit will automatically save processing data in the event of a power cut.
This versatile cut to length machine will handle a variety of jobs including: tubes (vinyl, shrink, insulation), insulation wires, films, soft wires, copper wires, hoses.

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Wire Heat shrink tube cutting machine in action. the full demonstration shows how to load the heat shrink tube or wire into the machine, cut the first piece. Program the wire length, speed and quantity. This precise machine offers everything required to cut wire and shrink tube to length without laborious setup time.


  • Power Supply 220V (200 – 240V)
  • 50/60 Hz Power Consumption
  • 18W Min 150W Max
  • Cutting Width 0.1mm – 100mm
  • Production Qty. 97 EA/min. 30mm. 75 EA/min.
  • 100mm Cutting Blade “Hice”
  • Custom made blade
  • Feeding Stepping motor Cutting
  • Reversible motor
  • Cutting Tolerance +/- 0.2 + 0.002 x Cutting length mm
  • Dimensions WxDxH 395x265x355mm
  • Weight 21 Kgs

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