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HG 2310 LCD Programmable Heat Gun

HG 2310 LCD Programmable Heat Gun

Steinel hg 2310 industrial heat gun.

Powerful, electronically controlled professional hot air gun with continuously adjustable air flow and temperature control.

The tremendous power of the HG 2310 LCD makes it suitable for all hot-air jobs. The precision temperature display permits work on materials that respond critically to heat.

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Product Description

HG 2310 LCD Programmable Heat Gun.

The HG 2310 LCD Programmable Heat Gun features  Lockable Override Control™ of temperature and airflow output settings. LCD display enables temperature selection in 10°F increments. The HG 2310 LCD is ideal for use on electronics, aerospace, medical manufacturing and other applications requiring precision control.

Steinel heat guns are indispensable tools for professional tradespeople and industry leaders. State of the art technology, solid workmanship and a wealth of applications make them ideal for welding plastics, shrink tubing, shaping thermoplastics or stripping paint.
Steinel professional heat tools get hot air straight to where it is needed. Precision, control, versatility, longevity and great performance distinguish the products from the hot-air tool specialist.

Features:HG 2310 LCD Programmable Heat Gun

  • Sturdy casing for hand-held and self-resting use
  • Visual display of temperature and speed on LCD
  • Four factory-set programmes
  • Double overheating protection: thermostat and thernal cut-out
  • Air intake with lattice guard to keep out debris
  • Soft grip handle and soft stand for stability
  • Visual display of temperature and speed on LCD
  • Selector button for 4 preset programmes
  • Memory button
  • Continuously adjustable temperature throughout HG 2310 LCD Programmable Heat Gun
  • Continuously adjustable air flow
  • Non-slip end cap
  • Lockable override control
  • Variable temperature and airflow control
  • Duratherm™ heating element
  • HG 2310 LCD is double insulated
  • Reduction Nozzles are approved for use on Professional Heat Guns with electronic thermocouple control
  • Continuously adjustable airflow and temperature
  • Capability of changing the four preset programmes as required
  • Available in 110V & 230V
  • Temperature: Stage 1 = 50°C, Stage 2 = 50 – 650°C
  • Display node: LCD in 10°C steps
  • Airflow rate: Stage 1 = 150 – 250 I / min
  • Airflow rate: Sateg 2 = 150 – 500 I / min